Steve Simmonds, owner, editor in chief and CEO of Global Breaking News Hub, originally born in the United Kingdom, but now lives in the City of Quebec Canada, with his Canadian-born wife Danielle.

Steve, whilst working in the United Kingdom, had a successful career in the private sector specializing in inner city development.  This success led him to become the President of the Gloucester City Chamber of Commerce and Retail Trade.

It was whilst serving as President that he was asked to host a luncheon for her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her Husband Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, the luncheon was held within the magnificent setting of the world famous Cathedral of Gloucester.

It was after this success that Steve decided to go back to his roots as a Freelance Journalist and Author and moved back to Quebec City, Quebec Canada, along with his wife Danielle where he set up the Global Breaking News Hub Network.

Noted for his completely unbiased approach to reporting and editing, has helped the Global Breaking News Hub Network to go from strength, to strength, thus causing the network to become one of the most respected news platforms on the worldwide web.

In the little free time Steve has left, he has also become a notable published author with books titled “The Unholy Church, “America’s Ticking Time Bomb” and much more.

We do hope you enjoy the Global Breaking News Hub Network and hope Global Breaking News Hub becomes your source for Global Breaking News.

Kind Regards

Steve Simmonds

Editor & CEO Global Breaking News Hub

Steve Simmonds Owner and Editor of Global Breaking News Hub

About Steve Simmonds Owner & Editor Global Breaking News Hub

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