Chainsaw attack in Belarus one dead

October 9, 2016


Reports of a horrific chainsaw and axe attack in the Europa shopping center in Belarus’s capital city of Minsk state, that one woman has been killed and another injured.

Terrified shoppers at the shopping centre ran in all directions in-order to escape the deadly actions of an 18-year-old-man wielding a chainsaw and an axe, obviously intent on causing as much lethal harm as his deranged mind would allow.


The masked man entered the shopping centre wearing a mask and carrying a guitar case. Once inside according to shoppers he opened the case, took out the chainsaw and proceeded to wave the deadly machine in the air.


At first, according to a police officer, the shoppers thought that it was a game put on by the Europa shopping centre. However this thought soon changed when he made an attack on a woman, badly slashing her with the vibrating chainsaw then commenced to beat her as she lay prone and bleeding on the floor with a hammer, she would later die of her wounds. Another victim of the assailant was taken to hospital to be treated.


Police later arrested an 18 year old man, but say that at this moment in-time the motive for the horrendous attack was not immediately clear.


Authors note:  The borders of Belarus were created during the Second World War. The former Soviet republic was occupied by the Nazis between 1941 and 1944.


During the Nazi occupation the Belarus population suffered enormously at the hands of the Nazis. Estimates made after the war state that the country of Belarus lost at least 2.2 million of their population, including almost all of its Jewish population.


Present day Belarus is ruled by President Alexander Lukashenko, who has been in power since 1994, and has ruled with an iron fist. No protests to his rule are allowed and all opposition figures are handed out extremely harsh penalties.


The United States back in 2005, listed Belarus as Europe’s only remaining “outpost of tyranny”  


Steve Simmonds

Freelance Journalist and editor-in-chief of Global Breaking News Hub

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