Russia deploys nuclear-capable missiles near border of European Union members Poland & Lithuania

October 12, 2016



Tensions in the European Union and NATO reached an all time high yesterday after witnessing Russia, deploying nuclear-capable Iskander missiles in Kalingrad a Russian enclave which sits between European Union member states Poland and Lithuania.


With a range of over 700km (440 miles), NATO and the European Union Know, that if launched they could reach as far as Berlin Germany, the German capital.


The government of Poland has stated in no uncertain terms that they are extremely concerned and are treating the Russian deployment with the “highest concern”.


The Russian defence ministry obviously attempting to play down the deployment, have been quoted by saying; “The deployments of the Iskander missiles were just part of an exercise, an exercise they have carried out before”.


However, many others believe that the reasons for the deployment have a much more sinister reason, as both the United States and NATO have had major disagreements with Russia, particularly over Syria and Ukraine and that this is Russia’s way of ramping up the intensify regarding their relationship with the European Union, the United States and NATO.


Just how much further the Russians will go is not yet clear, but it is very clear that Europe is once again on the edge of yet another major conflict, which will possibly turn into another World War, a nuclear war.


Steve. Simmonds

Freelance Journalist, Author and Editor in Chief and owner of Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and Sources: BBC.UK, NATO, European Union and my friends at Wikipedia for the Cover picture

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