Calais Jungle Camp to Close Monday, Migrants Attempt to Escape to UK

October 23, 2016


The infamous Jungle camp in Calais France, is due to close this coming Monday


The camp setup to house refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria and surrounding areas has in recent days seen scenes of extreme violence as migrants try to hijack Lorries bound for the United Kingdom in an attempt to escape into the UK before the planned closure happens this Monday.


Officials both in the United Kingdom and France have informed us that throughout the past week 200 children have arrived in the UK by bus, from the migrant camp. Furthermore officials have told us that at least, another three coach-loads holding a minimum of another 700 more children are expected to arrive in Croydon, south London, before Monday.


According to the United Kingdom Government all the above children have either relative’s already living in the United Kingdom, or are judged to be vulnerable.


Meanwhile back in France, French authorities have started the humongous task of handing out over 10,000 leaflets to the occupants of the Jungle camp informing them to report to reception points where they will be transported to other areas of France with the promise that they will be able to claim asylum within France there.


However, as the closing date looms it is feared that many migrants will simply refuse to leave the camp as they wish to get to Britain their intended goal and claim asylum there.


Just what the French authorities will do if the Migrants refuse to leave is not yet clear, we will just have to await the French reprisal on Monday.


Steve Simmonds

Freelance Journalist and Author CEO and editor of Global Breaking News Hub

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