Syria Conflict: School Targeted, 14 Children and 8 Adults Killed in Air-Strike

October 26, 2016


It was over in seconds, the school children and their teacher had just settled down to begin their daily lessons. None of them knew this would be their last lesson and that most of them would be dead within minutes.


The school situated in the village of Hass, in the province of Idlib, is about 75km (46 miles) south-west of Aleppo. Some of the children in the classroom had just been sent to Hass from Aleppo as it was deemed safer for them. However the province of Idlib is also one of the last remaining strongholds of the Syrian opposition, a stronghold which is currently under attack by the Syrian government and its ally Russia.


Although it is not clear just who committed this horrific attack it is known, that evacuation of the injured is not plausible because the government’s ground offensive still continues. For this reason makeshift treatment centers were hurriedly setup close to the targeted school. The treatment centers will remain there with all praying that the next airstrike will not target them.


Heart wrenching stories are now pouring out of the besieged village with some activists sharing photographs reportably to be of blooded corpses, most of who appear to be children littering the floor of the makeshift treatment center.


Once again we can see firsthand just who are the true victims of the Syrian conflict; the children of Syria.


Steve Simmonds

Freelance Journalist and Author

For the Global Breaking News Hub, Network.

Credits and Sources: BBC .UK, The Syrian Civil Defense, White hats, UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, YouTube


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