US Election 2016: Donald Trump Rushed off Stage by Secret Service


Donald Trump, Republican Candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election, was manhandled of the stage in Reno, Nevada, after reports of a gunman in the audience.


The protester holding a sign saying “Republicans against Trump” was wrestled to the ground by security staff after Trump supporters yelled that he had a gun.


The protester, a Mr Austyn Crites says that he was attacked as soon as he brought out his sign. An obviously shaken and angry Mr Crites later stated that “I keep repeating - I'm down, someone is trying to choke me - and I'm saying to these people; 'there is no gun, I just have a sign'”.


The Secret service later confirmed the protesters story saying that someone in front of the stage had shouted "gun", but that "upon a thorough search of the subject and the surrounding area, no weapon was found".


Mr Trump apparently unfazed returned to the stage moments later and carried on with his Presidential Campaign.


Steve Simmonds

Freelance Journalist and Author

CEO Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and Sources: BBC.UK, American Secret Service.

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