Canada lab employee may have been exposed to the Ebola Virus


An unamed employee whilst working at the National Center for Foreign Animal Disease in Winnipeg Canada, may have been exposed to the deadly Ebola Virus.


The technition who was working in a level “high four” laboratory, had just experimentally, infected 6 pigs, with the deadly Ebola Virus.


Once the technician had completed this highly dangerous procedure the technician then entered the decontamination chamber for a routine decontamination, it was whilst here that colleagues noticed a rip in the protective suit covering the body.


The technition will remain in self-imposed isolation for the next 21 days the average incubation period for the deadly virus. Furthermore it is also understood that the employee has been offered the experimental Ebola vaccine used in Africa.


Although concerned Dr John Copps director of the Winnipeg laboratory for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has reported that the risk to both the employees and members of the public is expected to be low.


More news on this Global Breaking News Hub breaking news story as news comes in.


Steve Simmonds

Freelance Journalist and Author

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Sources and Credits BBC.UK, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Canadian National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease, Dr John Copps

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