Chemical weapon attack confirmed in battle for Mosul


As bombs and mortars fell like rain in the Iraqi city of Mosul, an overpowering smelling cloud of noxious gas rolled over the cobbles of the narrow backstreets of Mosul cutting of the escape route of young and old, attempting to find shelter from the inferno which had engulfed their city, one of the remaining IS strongholds.


IS it would appear has launched perhaps the first chemical weapon attack within their stronghold, the city of Mosul. So far according to one doctor working for the International Red Cross (ICRC), based in nearby Irbil, the chemical weapon used has injured twelve civilians including an 11-year-old boy and a one-month-old baby, the boy has been left with severe respiratory problems and skin blistering.


Although the doctor cannot at this time name the chemical agent used, this latest atrocity committed by IS is being treated as a chemical attack, probably mustard gas or chlorine, both of which are banned by the international community.


More on this deadly attack as news comes in.


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub

Freelance journalist and author.

Credits and Sources: The International Red Cross, BBC.UK

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