CIA and MI5 create wide ranging hacking tools targets Samsung Smart Televisions

Details of new wide-ranging hacking tools used by the American CIA with the help of the UK's MI5 spy agency have been exposed by Wikileaks founder Edward Snowden.


The alleged cyber weapons give the CIA the capability to use malware that targets Windows, Android, iOS, OSX and Linux computers and internet routers. Furthermore, it is alleged that the United Kingdom’s spy agency MI5 helped the CIA to develop spyware that attacks Samsung TVs.


When asked by investigative journalist if this was true, both the CIA and MI5 refused to comment, or deny whether the Wikileaks charges were true or false.


According to documents dated June 2014 relating to the hacking of Samsung’s F8000 range of smart TVs, (codenamed Weeping Angel) Samsung has of yet not commented, but if true it would give the CIA the capability of listening to all conversations within the room that houses the smart TV.


How is the above possible?

In essence with the help of MI5 they created a “fake off” mode on the smart TV. This fake of mode would then fool the users that the TV had been turned off. While in this mode the TV would then record conversations in the room. Once the user then turned the TV back on, the recorded data would then be transferred back to the CIA through the user’s personal Wi-Fi links. Future developments will also allow video snapshots to be included once Wi-Fi limitations had been overcome.


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Steve Simmonds

For Global Breaking News Hub

Freelance Journalist and author


Credits and Sources: Wikileaks, BBC.UK


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