Brexit process to be triggered by Theresa May next week


Now that the UK’s Ambassador to the European Union (EU) Sir Tim Barrow, has informed Donald Tusk, President of the European Council (EC) that Theresa May will formally notify the EU next Wednesday the 29th March 2017 to trigger article 50 thus allowing her to begin formal negotiations with the EU re the terms of exit and future relations the United Kingdom will have with EU partners once the UK leaves. Theresa May is expected to brief Parliament next week, shortly after invoking Article 50, setting out her aims.


For his part, Donald Tusk, President of the European Council wasted no time in delivering his response to the news by tweeting "Within 48 hours of the UK triggering Article 50, I will present the draft Brexit guidelines to the EU27 Member States," thus confirming an earlier comment made by an EU spokesman who said the EU was "ready and waiting" for the letter.


Indicating Mrs. May’s determination that the upcoming Brexit negotiations will go ahead to her own timetable, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister while referring to an earlier report of an early election simply said: "It's not going to happen."


Steve Simmonds

For Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and Sources: BBC, UK’s Ambassador to the European Union, European Council, and Office of the PM

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