Martin McGuinness former IRA leader dies at age 66 body returned to his Derry home


Mixed reactions today after news of one-time IRA leader turned Sinn Feign’s politician Martin McGuinness, who later became Northern Ireland’s deputy first minister, dies from a rare heart condition at the age of 66.


Hundreds of people lined the streets of the Bogside area of Derry as the Irish flag draped coffin, carrying the body of Sinn Fein’s, Martin McGuiness was brought back to his home. It really does not matter what you thought of this man, but it does show he has left his own mark in history.


Martin McGuinness, a brief history

Back in 1972 in what has now become named as the troubles Martin McGuinness was at the tender age of 21 and the deputy leader of the IRA in Derry.


During his tenure in this role, he served two prison sentences after being convicted by the Republic of Ireland’s Special Criminal Court after he was found close to a car which contained both explosives and ammunition. The second conviction was for being a member of the IRA terrorist group.


Although convicted of the above the British intelligence agency MI5 foresaw leadership qualities in him that may be of help to them and flew him and Gerry Adams to London for secret talks with the British Government.


Why he left the IRA back in 1974 to take-up politics is not yet clear, but some say his main reason may have been because he was scared he was about to be arrested by the authorities again. However, after leaving the IRA, security experts maintain he still went on to lead during while some of the most notorious attacks were committed by the IRA in the mid-1980s


Steve Simmonds

Freelance Journalist

Credits and Sources: BBC.UK, my friends at Wikipedia

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