Surviving Mosul


Latoya is eight years of age; her brother Mustafa is five their parents were eradicated by ISIS extremists while attempting to escape the Iraqi city of Mosul, the night before after evening prayers.


Tragically they are not alone and according to one United Refugee Agency (UNHCR) spokesperson “The worst is yet come” and with an estimated 400,000 emaciated Iraqi citizens now trapped between Iraqi coalition forces and ISIS extremist in the city of Mosul a catastrophic human loss of life of biblical proportions is about to take place.


Unfortunately for Latoya and Mustafa well-meaning neighbors who survived last night’s rocket and mortar attacks can do very little to help them as life in the city of Mosul has become impossible, there is no food, no clean water, no fuel just the steady bombardment emanating from the guns and launchers of all opposing sides.


What will happen to little Latoya and Mustafa now sitting alone on the rubble of what used to be their home? Unfortunately they will probably die of starvation, a shell, a stray snipers bullet or huddled together, frozen to death in the cold Iraqi Mosul winter night.


However: If they are lucky and they can find a way to crawl through the infested rubble of the City of Mosul they may join the estimated 12,000 fellow inhabitants of Mosul each day who have found their way to the UNHCR transit and reception center, at Hammam al-Alel, just outside what was once the proud City of Mosul.


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub

Freelance Journalist


Credits and Sources: UNHCR transit and reception centre at Hammam al-Alel, United Refugee Agency, (UNHCR) United Nations and BBC.UK

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