Facebook launches tool to counter fake news


Following news that Angela Merkel's German Government has approved plans to fine social networks up to 50m euros if they fail to remove illegal content within 24 hours, Facebook will this Friday, launch an educational tool to counter fake news.


As of this Friday 7th October 2017 all Facebook social media users will notice an ad, generated by Facebook at the top of their news feeds, linking to advice on "how to spot fake news" and how to report it.


The Social media giant apparently plan to promote their fake news campaign in at least 14 countries for at least 3 days and says the new tool is "designed to help people become more discerning readers".


Time will tell if Facebook has gone far enough to at last police what type of material is placed on the Facebook social media platform.


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and Sources: BBC.UK, Facebook and the offices of Angela Merkel's German government

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