Morbidly obese body torches Ohio funeral home


The Funeral Director of an Ohio funeral home Don Catchen watched in horror as a blaze engulfed his crematory unit after attempting to cremate an "overly obese" body.


Describing the blaze as a “grease fire” caused by the extra body fat burning at a higher temperature than usual then igniting another crematorium containers close by he was lucky that the blaze was confined to the local fire department, to the garage where the crematory unit was located. He went on to emphasize that no other bodies were burnt or harmed in the blaze.


Believe it or not, this is not the first time this has happened. A Virginia crematorium in October 2014 suffered a similar blaze when they attempted to cremate the body of a 500lb (226kg) deceased person.


Steve Simmonds

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Credits and sources: BBC.UK, blog Confessions of a Funeral Director, Don Catchen, local news outlet WCPO, Cincinnati Fire Chief Michael Washington, Hilside Chapel

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