Baby dragged from bed by Raccoon


Philadelphia USA: A four-month old baby girl attacked and dragged across her room by a raccoon.


Late Wednesday night, little four-month old Jourini Black had just been placed into the comfort of her bed by her loving Mum Ashley Rodgers.


Ashley then took her six year old son to the bathroom to ready him for bed when she heard a sound from her daughter’s bedroom. Running to the bedroom passed a raccoon escaping down the stairs. On entering the bedroom she found her daughter lying on the bedroom floor with blood on her face and her PJs.


The unfortunate child had been dragged by the raccoon across the room in an attempt to get her out of the house into its lair leaving her with claw marks to her face. Little Jourini was then rushed to hospital where she underwent surgery, but it is expected that it will take at least a year for her to make a full recovery.


Local residents have informed the media that raccoons are common in the area because of the amount of rubbish left on the streets.


The family intends to take legal action against their landlord.


Steve Simmonds, Global Breaking News Hub.


Credits and sources: BBC.UK and my friends at Wikipedia for the cover photograph

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