California Burns Hundreds of homes destroyed


Thousands of firefighters including inmates from local prisons are now battling a deadly wildfire, the largest ever recorded in Californian history. So far the wildfire covers an area the size of New York City, Brussels and Paris for a combined area of 1000sq km.


Despite the brave efforts of both residents and firefighters, the deadly Thomas blaze has left a trail of devastation destroying at least 700 homes thus eclipsing previous wildfires in the wine rich area of the state.


This latest blaze started in Santa Paula in early December before sweeping westwards towards the Californian coast. Many people fear the only thing that will extinguish the immense blaze is the sea itself only time will tell we are informed.


This is not the first time California has faced the onslaught of a raging inferno. Back in early October a blaze started which burned more than 10,000 homes and killed more than 40 people, as you can imagine all are hoping this latest inferno is not going to be a repeat of that one.


Cause of this latest wildfire is not yet known although scientists are warning that it could be because of climate change and global warming in the area.


Steve Simmonds Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and Sources: BBC.UK and the State fire agency Cal Fire

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