Iran unrest: Deadly overnight clashes leave nine dead

Iranian security forces and protesters fought a running battle overnight which resulted in the death of nine more people thus bringing the total number of dead since the protests began six days ago to at least 22.


These latest bloody clashes, occurred in the central Isfahan region of Iran and come just after the American President Donald Trump warned the Iranian government that “the world is watching”.


The majority of the latest deaths, according to Iranian state media, came when six protesters attempted to steal guns and ammunition from a local police station.


Elsewhere, a further three people were also reported killed; a boy aged 11, a man and a serving member of the Revolutionary Guard.


President Hassan Rouhani, who stated just yesterday, that protests were an "opportunity, not a threat" and vowed to crack down on "lawbreakers", seems to be keeping to his word, as state media reports that hundreds of people have been arrested, which seems to have made the USA to ramp up their support for what they say, is the protesters' "bold resistance".


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News

Sources and credits: Iranian state media, BBC.UK, cover picture

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