Yemen War Infantile Genocide

The crisis in Yemen will soon reach “biblical proportions” and shows no sign of ending as the Saudi led coalition, along with the United States, continue their joint bombing, sea and air blockade of the poorest Arab country on the Arabian Peninsula Yemen



Warning this report contains disturbing images


Reliable estimates tell us over 3 million children and pregnant women are suffering from malnutrition and even more horrific one child dies every ten minutes making the Yemen War a true case of Infantile Genocide.




What do we know; in 2017, 50,000 children died of starvation. Furthermore this horrific figure will grow when you understand that during 2017, 17 million people were threatened by Famine. Horrifically this figure does not include those children killed by bombing diphtheria, cholera (5,000 new cases every day) or gunshot.


The City of Al Hudaydah would appear to be the most affected area with over 100,000 severe starving children. It would seem here that the Saudi led coalition, along with the US Navy, purposely bombed and destroyed all residents fishing boats which were there only way to provide for their dependents and families, essentially leaving the cities men, women and children to starve.

Authors note: Whatever the reasons behind the joint Saudi and American blockade, there can be no excuse for two of the richest countries in the world, to commit the heinous crime of Infantile Genocide



Steve Simmonds Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and Sources: Norwegian Refugee Council, United Nations, BBC.UK

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