Syrian and Russia military bomb hospitals kill children


Once again the Syrian government and the Russian military show total disregard for human life as they purposely target 10 hospitals with artillery and airstrikes, in rebel-held areas in Eastern Ghouta, adjacent to Damascus, killing many children and innocent civilians awaiting urgent lifesaving surgery.


The shocking and inhumane treatment of the children of Syria can be seen in our lead picture, (courtesy of EPA our thanks go out to them) the little girl seen in the picture clearly shows the terror she has once again be put through, yes she is alive, but the hollow glazed eyes, clearly tells us she will never be the same again and she is just one of the many.


Close by in Hammuriyeh according to the UK based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights 12 people and once again small innocent children died when forces deliberately targeted a health center.


One adviser working for a coalition of medical charities said the latest attacks had been the most intense for a year and if this was not enough, one hospital a maternity hospital, in Maarrat al-Numan, in Idlib province, was reportedly hit three times in four days. How this can be justified I have no idea.


Just how much longer the Syrian rebels, Syrian government forces along with the Russian back forces will continue this horrific onslaught on the innocent children and adults of Syria no one knows, but one thing is quite certain these actions are nothing but war crimes against humanity and all perpetrators should be sought out and punished.


Authors note; Shamefully, Eastern Ghouta where the most intense attacks happened is designated as a "de-escalation zone" by Russia, Iran, Syrian Government and Turkey who are on the side of the rebels.


Steve Simmonds Global breaking News Hub


Credits and sources: BBC.UK, the coalition of medical charities, the UK based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and EPA for the lead picture.    

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