Bowel Cancer symptoms signs and how to reduce the risk


1.4 million People, mostly in the developed world, will be diagnosed with bowel cancer (Colon Cancer) this year alone. Of these 694,000 will die:


Furthermore 75% - 95% of these colon cancers happen to people with no apparent genetic risk what so ever. In other words, just because your parents did not have this terrible disease, it does not mean you are not at risk.


Now that we are aware of the dangers of Bowel Cancer and now know that Bowel Cancer is increasing in the   developed world, it is essential we all seek out a health professional and pass simple tests to minimize our risk.


Possible symptoms of bowel cancer are as follows:

Bleeding from the bottom or blood in the stools (faeces)

A change in bowel habit (more frequent, looser stools)

Abdominal pain


Unexplained weight loss and/or tiredness

Be aware there are many others but the above are the most common symptoms.


What can I do to minimize the risk of bowel cancer?

Reduce your daily consumption of fatty products

Reduce your daily intake of alcohol

Reduce your consumption of red meats

Reduce or stop smoking

Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day

Get regular exercise.


Authors note: Studies indicate that some people are embarrassed to pass tests for bowel cancer. Do not be they are simple and essential.  


Steve Simmonds Global Breaking News

Credits and Sources: The cancer genome atlas, BBC.UK

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