Penis whitening raises more than eyebrows


Its official, the world has gone mad, or at least part of it has it would seem. Apparently men in Thailand who have obviously watched the movie “A Lighter Shade of Grey,” find that their private parts, or to put it another way their penis is a little bit to dark; remedy, go to a clinic and pay to get it whitened.


Now, I have to admit, I am sitting here and was tempted to peak in-order to check if my own private parts were of the correct shade, but at 67 years of age did not bother. However, in Thailand many men are doing just that, so many, that the Thailand’s health ministry has been forced to issue a warning over the procedure.


The above warning though, seems to have fallen on deaf ears as one stand-up person told reporters, "I wanted to feel more confident in my swimming briefs". He has since had several treatments at the clinic and tells us that he has “seen a definite change in the shade”.


The clinic that offers the procedure must be extremely satisfied with the ongoing publicity their treatment is receiving, their original post on Facebook, received more than 19,000 views within the first two days alone, so as you would imagine they are so pleased they will probably become upstanding pillars of the community erecting monuments everywhere.


The cost by the way is $650 (£480) for five sessions; the same clinic also offers vaginae whitening. Welcome to 2018. you cant make this stuff up


Steve Simmonds Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and sources: BBC.UK, Facebook, Thailand's health ministry, Popol Tansakul, marketing manager of Lelux Hospital

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