Devil's Breath Terror in Australia


What was meant to be a trip of a lifetime for nine young backpackers in Perth Australia, turned into a nightmare when they snorted a white powder believing it to be cocaine, not realizing that is was in fact the “Devil’s Breath”. All nine suffered seizures, paralysis and hallucinations; three are still in critical condition.


Devil’s Breath is derived from Hyoscine (Scopolamine), part of the deadly nightshade family of plants. Hyoscine is readily available by prescription to treat nausea, motion sickness, and gastro-intestinal pain, but in higher doses it can be used for mind control and creating a zombie like state, therefore it is often used as a date rape drug.


All nine backpackers were staying at a rented property when a package was delivered addressed to a previous occupant marked “Scoop”, opening the package they discovered a white powder which they believed to be cocaine so they divided the powder into nine lines and snorted all, resulting in the nine becoming paralysed and unable to summon help, it was only much later when another of their friends arrived back home that they were discovered and rushed to hospital.


As mentioned above the ordeal is not over yet three of them still remain in a critical condition.


Steve Simmonds Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and sources: BBC.UK, West Australian newspaper and Google Plus for the cover picture.

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