Sweden prepares for War


Sweden will issue a brochure to 4.7 million households to prepare them for all-out war. The first time they have done this since 1961. The brochure titled “If Crisis or War Comes” will inform Swedish citizens how they can help in 'total defense' of their country during a conflict on their home soil. We all hope it does not turn into a full nuclear confrontation as depicted above.


This unprecedented move by the Swedish government comes while they become increasingly anxious over Russian aggression in the area. The detailed book will also issue guidance how the average person can deal with threats from terrorism, securing their potable water supply, food, how to stay warm, climate change and cyber attacks.


Sweden a neutral country and one of Europe’s most northerly countries, joined the European Union and the United Nations after the Cold War on the 1st January 1995. However they declined to become a member of NATO or take Eurozone membership following a referendum, but due to increased Russian aggression in the area today, they are now reconsidering this action and join NATO, they would then become a non-neutral country.


Reasons for becoming part of NATO are really quite simplistic and comes after Russia’s recent annexation of Crimea, the military support given to Ukrainian separatists’ by Russia, the increased incursions by Russian planes and submarines on Swedish sovereign territory.


As a result of the above and because NATO reported an apparent Russian mock nuclear attack on Sweden in March 2013, an attack which Sweden found they were totally unprepared for, leaving them no choice but to rely on Danish jets, who were operating as part of NATO’S Baltic air policing mission, to deal with.  


Authors note: How serious are the Swedish government acting in relation to the recent Russian aggression? Simply put very, they have already reintroduced national conscription and are also considering a deal with the US to buy a US-made Patriot missile defense system.


Steve Simmonds Global Breaking News Hub


Credits and sources: Saskatoon Starphoenix, The Telegraph, NATO and the United Nations

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