Pope Francis Denounces Snake Tactics

In a document titled “The Truth Will Set You Free - Fake News and Journalism for Peace”, Pope Francis has warned of the "dire consequences", the spreading of fake news can have on everyone, denouncing it as “snake tactics”.


Never before have we, had a Pope who has been so frank in a published document, a document released and designed to pave the way for the Catholic Church's World Communications Day scheduled for the 13th May 2018.


Apparently startling many, he went on to say he believed that the first use of “snake tactics” or “fake news” occurred in the Bible, when Eve was tempted to eat the “forbidden fruit” by a serpent, calling it was the world’s first case of misinformation adding it led “only to the spread of arrogance and hatred”.


Finishing the document he added what seemed to be a direct message to social media users, journalists to unmask manipulative tactics that foment division, adding that “snake tactics” or “fake news” may have even influenced recent political elections, including the recent US elections in 2016.

He completed his document by saying, the speed of the digital world helps fuel the spread of “fake news”.


Authors’ note; No matter what you think of Pope Francis you have to admire his candor and hope that all the social media giants and worldwide politicians take heed.


Steve Simmonds Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and Sources: BBC.UK, Pope Francis “The Truth Will Set You Free - Fake News and Journalism for Peace document, lead picture the onion.com


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