Russian plane shot down

Russian naval forces have fired a salvo of cruise missiles into the Syrian province of Idlib after one of their jets was shot down over a jihadist Hayat Tahrir al-Sham alliance controlled area of the province.


The Syrian conflict escalated yesterday after one of Russia’s Sukhoi-25 ground-attack aircraft was shot down, the pilot of the plane managed to eject from the doomed aircraft, but was later killed in a fire-fight with rebels controlling the area.


This latest escalation in the Syrian conflict occurred over the small town of Maasran in Idlib, a town which has borne the brunt of a major offensive launched by the Syrian government backed by Russian air power back in December of last year culminating in dozens of Russian air strikes in the past 24 hours alone.


We here at Global Breaking News Hub will keep you updated regarding the Syrian conflict news comes in.


Steve Simmonds Global Breaking News Hub.


Credits and sources: BBC.UK, the Russian defence ministry.

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