Males lonely lament for love, a true Valentines story

He may not look handsome, but as the old saying goes ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ meet Romeo, a 10- year-old lonely Sehuencas water frog who may be the last of her species.


Romeo who lives in Bolivia’s Cochabamba Natural History Museum, spends her day like she has done for the past nine years, crying out for a mate she can love and call her own. However, she will probably end the day as usual, lonely and in the pit of despair.


However; time maybe running out for her, as most Sehuencas water frogs only live to an age of fifteen leaving her just five more years to find the man of her dreams.


To help her in a search for a loving husband, a dating site has set up a page for her with a profile which reads


"Not to start this off super heavy or anything, but I'm literally the last of my species," going onto say" I tend to keep to myself and have the best nights just chilling at home, maybe binge-watching the waters around me."


Let’s wish her well and hope she gets the man she so yearns for before this Valentines day.


Steve Simmonds Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and sources; BBC.UK, Cochabamba Natural History Museum, Match dating site and AFP for our lead picture.



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