Clinic Kidnaps baby over unpaid medical bill



A medical clinic’s director in Gabon Africa was arrested on baby-kidnapping charges, (later released) after forcibly detaining a new born baby for five months, because of unpaid medical bills.


We here at Global Breaking News Hub have in the past, reported on many heartrending topics, but this story must be one, if not the most insensitive of all.


Little baby Angel (pictured above) obviously could not wait to be born into this ever-changing world, arriving prematurely she would spend the first 35 days of her life inside an incubator, at an apparent cost of 2 million CFA ($3,630; £2,610) a sum her mother Sonia Okome could not afford to pay.


After repeated attempts to gain access to her baby all which apparently fell on dead ears, the mother turned to the media to raise the ransom money required by the clinic director. Thankfully the public did not fail her, all including the countries President Ali Bongo assured Angel’s release with multiple donations.


Authors note: It maybe worth knowing that the country of Gabon, located on the west coast of Africa is one of Africa’s largest oil producers, but over a third of its population live in absolute poverty.


Steve Simmonds Global Breaking News


Credits and sources: BBC.UK, Gabon Media Time

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