Oxfam Haiti Scandal thousands cancel donations



If Oxfam boss Mark Goldring thought, he could smooth over the distaste people have for his organisation by issuing a public apology  after it emerged that some of his charity workers engaged in sexual misconduct, including the use of prostitutes after the deadly earthquake in 2010, he thought wrong; as thousand wasted no time in canceling their regular donations to Oxfam.


For their part Oxfam has always denied a cover-up in Haiti and have been quick to point out that they have over 10,000 people, working in over 90 countries on their payroll.


With the above in-mind this writer does not condemn all Oxfam staff, many of whom are working in some of the deadliest locations on earth; However the time has now come for serious changes to be made to the management of Oxfam a management that can only be called a dismal style of management, a management not fit for purpose, they should all be sent packing, starting from the top with  Mr. Goldring.


In ending: Mark Goldring has admitted a further 26 claims of sexual misconduct have been reported to him since the scandal broke, but the CEO of Save the Children Kevin Watkins, recently reported to MPs that his charity has investigated another 53 allegations since 2016, so it does look that this scandal will get even bigger as time goes by.


Steve Simmonds Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and sources: BBC.UK, Save the Children, Oxfam

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