Devils Breath Kills 16 church worshipers

16 unsuspecting church goers were killed instantly by a lightning strike, while attending a church service at a Seventh-Day Adventist Church, in Nyaruguru Rwanda.


According to local mayor Habitegeko Francois, death came with no warning to the 16 church goers and a further 140 people were rushed to local hospitals and health centre's where a further 2 died from their injuries.


Amazingly this was not the first time this has happened in the mountainous region near the border of Burundi, just last Friday a student also died from a lightning strike while parishioners of the town of Gihemvu were attending another church service.


Authors note: It has become clear that both these tragic events could have been avoided and comes less than 2 weeks after the closure of 700 churches by local governments who did not have adequate lightning protection.


Steve Simmonds Global Breaking News Hub


Credits and sources: BBC.UK, AFP, Local news outlet Panor Actu



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