Homer Simpson arrested car seized


 Breaking News coming out of Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom, informs us police have seized a car and arrested the driver after he presented a Homer Simpson drivers licence to them.


It was all happening in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire this past Sunday night, Homer was, according to police driving with no insurance and without a valid licence when he was stopped for a routine traffic violation.


Not quite clear why Homer Simpson was driving round the English countryside so late on Sunday night only time will tell. One thing is for certain though Homer will be appearing at court to answer charges soon. Mrs Simpson is said to be extremely angry. 


When asked what he thought of the situation he apparently sighed and proffered one of his famous “D’oh’s”


Authors note: “Believe it or not” this is a true story, nice to have a bit of lite news for once


Steve Simmonds Global Breaking News Hub


Credits and sources: Thames Valley Police, BBC.UK and picture curtesy of Thames Valley Police  



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