Catastrophic oil spill of Biblical proportions nears Louisiana coast

October 22, 2018



Just 12 miles off the coast of New Orleans, an epic oil spill which is emptying up to 700 barrels of oil a day into the Gulf of Mexico, edges ever closer towards New Orleans.



Believe it or not, authorities have known about this appalling black treacle like discharge since 2010, and then only by chance when environmental watchdog groups, stumbled on oil slicks while monitoring the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, a few miles north of the Taylor Energy site in 2010.



Taylor Energy who had owned the oilrig, destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, made the decision to keep the disaster secret, knowingly disregarding the potential environmental disaster in-order to keep the value of their company high to satisfy their shareholders and future contracts in the area.



Hurricane Ivan has and will continue to reek havoc in the Gulf of Mexico, with many people including federal employees, estimating because many of the wells have not been capped, including the Taylor Energy site that this disaster will still be with us at the end of this century.


Authors note:  Unfortunately, it is not a question if the oil slicks will hit the coast of New Orleans? It is When!


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and Sources: Washington Post, Wikipedia  

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