Would you go to heaven as martyrs or just drop dead Russians asked

October 24, 2018


After President Vladimir Putin, threatened any aggressive country with all out nuclear war, adding that all Russians would simply “accept death” and “go to heaven as martyrs” while others would “just drop dead, without even getting the time to repent,“ a group of activists, one of whom was attired as the Grim Reaper, took to the streets of the Russian city of Kurgan, Siberia, and asked shoppers to make their ultimate choice.


 The activist group the "Very Dead. News from the Hill “planned to get the local population of Kurgan to record their choice in the local “Book of the Dead” and were quite shocked to find out that most people just “preferred to simply die,” some even added relatives, former spouses and workmates to what has now become known as the “drop dead" list.


 This is not the first time the group "Very Dead. News from the Hill “has been in the news, the Grim Reaper himself, in-order to bring attention to poor highway maintenance and alcoholism visited a chain of liquor stores, a large pothole in the highway. He even visited a beach to warn people of potential dangerous waters.  


Although local media rushed to interview “Death” I think he sums it up best on his own online TV channel Dozhd where he says "Once again the decision was made for us. Let Russians at least choose their own way to die".


Steve Simmonds


Global Breaking News Hub


Credits and Sources: My very special thanks to the online TV channel Dozhd, Very Dead. BBC.UK, News from the Hill, the kurgan.ru news agency especially Anastasia Ilina and Martin Morgan for the original report, , the people of Kurgan, the Znak news site and of course the Grim Reaper himself

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