Unhinged nurse slaughters 100 patients

October 30, 2018


Niels Hogel, a 41-year-old German ex-nurse has confessed to administrating a lethal cocktail of medication to 100 patients, killing them all.


Niels Hogel, already serving life for six deaths while serving as a nurse in northern Germany, has stunned a packed courtroom by admitting he had killed, a further 100 patients, at two hospitals Oldenburg and Delmenhorst between 1999 and 2005, all by lethal injection.


Just why anyone, let alone a nurse, would commit such a barbaric act is not fully understood by both relatives of the deceased or the police, but prosecutors say the only reason in their mind was to impress colleagues by attempting to resuscitate the very people he had poisoned.


We await sentencing, fully aware that the death toll could be even higher, unfortunately however, many of Hogel’s past patents have been cremated making it impossible to prove we do know however, that Niels Hogel will go down as one of the world's most prolific serial killers.


Steve Simmonds Global Breaking News Hub


Credits and sources: BBC.UK Jenny Hill in Berlin, German health authorities who are accused by relatives turning a blind eye to Hogel’s activities, Christian Marbach spokes person for the relatives.



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