Trump Insults American World War One Troops

November 10, 2018

Never has a sitting American President, insulted military veterans and the fallen of WW1 as Donald Trump did today when he canceled a trip to a war cemetery in France simply because it was raining.


 The Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial is situated, just a couple of miles from where Donald Trump and the first lady were having lunch along with other world leaders.



It was raining outside and the Presidents team, were waiting with a limo to take him to the cemetery. They all waited in vain, the President must have looked out of the window, saw that it was raining and refused to go, sending his chief of staff, Gen John Kelly, in his place.


 I wonder if he even realises that thousands and thousands of young men and women from around the world served in the rat-infested saturated trenches, dugout by young men, some of who were just children.


 I wonder if he knows that there were at least 53,000 US combat deaths, another 63,000 died of disease, another 320,000 were wounded and yes, most of them were killed or wounded on a rainy-day.


 Authors note: Have to say, I have always given Donald Trump quite a lot of leeway, refusing to accept that just maybe, he would get things done, knowing full well that some of his policies would be obnoxious to many.


 Now; Well I am afraid Mr. Trump, the above is no longer. Furthermore, you should Know that one of these veterans was my Grandfather, he fought bravely through the horrors of World War One.


He knew what it was like to be gassed, he knew what it was like to hold a dying comrade in his arms.


 Tragically after the war he would relive the horrors he had seen, dreams which would awake him screaming in the dark, dark night. These dreams would stay with him until the day he died.


Shame on you Mr. President, shame on this Armistice day, and if there is a God may he forgive you, for I am sure that many Veterans will not.


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub.

Credits and Sources: George W Bush speechwriter David Frum, BBC.UK and Veterans from around the world


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