Israel and Gaza militants trade lethal fire across border.

November 13, 2018

Following a botched Israeli, covert operation on Sunday, an operation where a Hamas commander, along with seven Palestinian militants and an Israeli lieutenant colonel were killed, a deadly cross-border firefight has started between Israel and Gaza militants.


More than 400 rockets have been fired into Israel by Gaza militant forces. The Israeli air-force has retaliated by launching 150 airstrikes against Palestinian militant targets, just across the border, between Israel and the Gaza-Strip.


Initial reports from observers on the ground inform us that this latest escalation in the Israeli Gaza -Strip conflict, has resulted in the death of four Palestinian militants, two Palestinian civilians and one Palestinian civilian killed in a rocket attack, in southern Israel.


The above casualty figures are likely to increase if initial reports are to be believed. Israel for their part have said, even though there was a brief calm on both sides after Sunday night’s appalling violence, Palestinian militants took the opportunity, (according to Israeli medics) to launch a fusillade of rockets and mortars into Israel, resulting in the death of one person and injured 28.


Authors note: Who is to blame for this bitter escalation of the conflict? Hard to tell, you tell me.


Breaking News on this conflict: Attempts to put in a ceasefire are now ongoing, a ceasefire which Palestinian militants say, “they will keep, providing the Israelis do the same”.


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub


Credits and Sources: My thanks to Getty images for the photographs, BBC.UK and the very brave embedded journalists on the ground  


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