Beyond Fake News

November 14, 2018


Fake News for some, is the scourge of the internet, for others it is a way to make money or sway the public's views on any given subject.


Global Breaking News Hub looks at “Fake News” through the centuries to show how it harmed the public, Politicians and the global economy as a whole, we will also not forget to mention the funny side of “Fake News”

Fake News on the radio


Perhaps one of the most famous pieces of “Fake News” on the radio, occurred in 1938, when an actor turned director going by the name of Orson Wells who, while attempting to publicize "The War of the Worlds" an episode of  a radio drama series, presented as a series of simulated news bulletins, termed The Mercury Theater on the Air, opened the show by informing his radio listeners that the world was in immanent danger of being invaded by aliens.


The above broadcast was said to have caused mass hysteria within the USA. So great was the hysteria that in one community locals attacked a water tower mistaking it for an alien. However, dig a bit deeper in this claim and you will find “Fake News” was used in this claim.


How do we know this? Simply because The Mercury Theatre on the Air had very few listeners so the claim that the United States was in a state of “Mass Hysteria” was just another case of “Fake News”


Join us again for other examples of “Fake News”


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub   

Credits and Sources: My good friends at Wikipedia

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