Baby Kept in Maggot Infested Car Trunk

November 16, 2018


A mother who kept her baby in a maggot infested car trunk and hid her from view, in a secret room in her house, has been found guilty in France.


Rosa-Maria Da Cruz, for reasons only known to herself, hid her pregnancy from her partner and her other three children, before giving birth to baby Serena, 7 years ago.


Serena then spent her early lonely life, either hidden in the trunk of a car, or within a secret room in the family home.


Two years would pass before quite by chance, a local car mechanic who was overhauling the French woman’s car, heard strange noises coming from the car’s trunk.


Gingerly opening the trunk, baby Serena then 2 years old was discovered, whimpering, shrouded in maggots and excrement, the shocked mechanic immediately contacted the police.


Now seven years of age, little Serena is in a foster home, she is unable to speak, or socialise with others and displays autistic traits caused by sensory deprivation.


Her Mother, Rosa-Maria Da Cruz was found guilty and given (believe it or not) five years in prison, three of them suspended. She has also been stripped of any parental rights over little Serena, but will continue her full parental rights over her other three children.


Has Justice been done: I will leave that up to you to answer


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and sources: My thanks to Getty Images for cover picture, BBC.UK and the Assize Court in Tulle, central France  

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