Gunman opens fire at Chicago hospital 3 dead

November 20, 2018

Maniac guns down 3 people, including a doctor, a pharmacist and a police officer, another police officer escaped death when a bullet became embedded in his weapon.


The gunman, named by police as Juan Lopez, 32, was also found dead at the scene, not yet known if he was shot by local enforcement officers, or by his own hand.


Witnesses say that Lopez, arrived at the Mercy Hospital car park, at approximately 1500 hours, local time on Monday afternoon where an argument started between him and doctor Tamara O'Neal, who he had apparently been in a relationship with before.


Witnesses inform us that the row ended when Lopez, holding his gun in both hands, shot the doctor, who immediately fell to the ground, Lopez, then pumped three more rounds into the doctors prostrated body before turning the weapon on others before moving into the hospital when police arrived on the scene.


Once inside the carnage was to continue, the first victim, pharmacist Dayna Less, who was just alighting an escalator was shot dead. There then ensued a shootout with police officers resulting in the death of police officer Samuel Jimenez, another police officer avoided certain death when a bullet became embedded in his weapon.


Authors note: Once again, we have seen in America, how easy it is to obtain weapons and once again the subject of gun control will be talked about, talks that will probably amount to nothing


My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and there families


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub


Credits and sources: Dr Patrick Connor, director of the hospital's emergency department, BBC.UK,  Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and for the lead picture


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