The Dastardly Tesco Pringles Heist

November 28, 2018

This has to be the crime of the century, a crime so dastardly it will probably go down in the annals of retail history.


Recently married and several months pregnant, an Irish woman wandered into a Tesco store situated at the Mahon Point shopping centre, in Cork, Ireland. Little did she know, that this seemingly simple visit would land her in Jail for two months.



The woman, Kathleen McDonagh, aged 25, obviously feeling a bit peckish, picked up a can of Pringle Crisps (or chips in Northern America) and proceeded to the self-checkout area. It must be said at this point we do not know if she intended to pay for them or not.


 All was not what it seemed McDonagh was being watched by store security and CCTV, they had seen enough so they pounced before ordering her to leave the shop, apparently, the woman had been banned from the shop on a previous visit.


Thinking fast she attempted to thwart the security officer by popped the Pringles can open hoping that this would force the security officer to let her pay for them.


Unfortunately for her security, promptly arrested her and summoned the police collecting the $1.65 opened can of Pringles for evidence.


Authors note: It has to be said that the woman did have previous problems within the Tesco Store and was banned by them, but to be sent to prison for a $1.65 can of Pringle chips, does sound a little harsh, but there again I was not there.



Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and Sources: BBC.UK


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