Its gravy day down under

December 22, 2018

Social media was awash with saucy stories yesterday as #Australians, celebrated #gravyday, a day where relatives traveling down from Queensland, clogged the highways and byways in a monumental attempt to rejoice, or wallow in a vat of well seasoned #gravy


On “the 21st December” 1996, #gravyday was born, it would change Australia as we then knew it back in 1996.


Gravy Day Began with a song written by Australian singer Paul Kelly, a song named “How To Make Gravy” which tells the story of a lonely Australian man languishing in prison longing for the #love of his true family.


Mr. Kelly back then could not have realized just what a colossal unofficial Australian holiday #gravyday would be come. Yesterday, strange #Twitter #tweets started to appear on #socialmedia, all asking the same question “How To Make Gravy” or playing off the narrative of how to make gravy.


So just what is this Australian secret #gravy recipe? We simply do not know, accept you apparently add flour, salt, a little red wine and a healthy dollop of tomato sauce to help the sweetness, hopes this helps.


So, as #Christmas day approaches, let’s not forget Paul Kelly, without whom we would not have know how to make that special gravy for our #Christmas-Day Dinner


So, here’s wishing everyone, #Australians and the whole world, a very Happy Christmas and a happy new year.


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and sources: #Australian Singer and song writer Paul Kelly, BBC.UK and Getty free images for the pictures and my friends at World Global Warming

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