24 Children and Women Massacred

July 10, 2019

Details of a horrific tribal massacre where at least 24 women and children were hacked to death in Papua New Guinea are just emerging, other unconfirmed reports indicate that the actual figure of 24 deaths, could be much higher and that most of the women were pregnant.


Although tensions.have been running high over the last few months,  however, the brutal massacre is the worst to happen in years, the PM of the country James Marape appeared clearly upset when he told reporters that it was "one of the saddest days of my life", promising to crack down on whoever was responsible.


Prime Minister Marape is himself from the area where the horrendous incident happened and has promised that the killers all from the Hagui, Okiru and Liwi tribes would be sought out and punished as severely as the law permitted.

One government official has gone as far as posting pictures of lines of bodies all wrapped in cloth which failed to hide the fact that they had all been hacked to pieces so much so that they were hard to recognise as human remains.


The province where the massacre occurred is home to roughly 400,000 people and is perhaps one of the most diverse regions within Papua New Guinea, it is also home to many separate tribes. So it is surprising to be told that their police force only has 60 officers employed permanently, so it is not surprising that calls for the government to hire more police officers have risen since the killings.


Global Breaking News Hub will post updates on the situation as news comes in.


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub.

Cover Picture courtesy themonthly.com.au


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