Apple attempts to scuttle Face Time eavesdropping bug

January 29, 2019


Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey has recommended all #socialmedia users, to disable the Face Time #app after Apple informed its social network users of an '#eavesdropping' bug which allows third parties to eavesdrop, send #videos all without the Face Time user’s knowledge. Furthermore, and frighteningly this can all be accomplished even if the #FaceTime user did not pick up the call in the first place.


For their part #Apple have informed us that they have come up with a fix and will hopefully roll it out later this week, in the meantime Apple's status page shows it has disabled the ability  for its #FaceTime users to make group calls, you can find out more by following the link above.


Coincidently the flaw was first discovered on National Privacy Day an event much talked about by #Apple boss Tim Cook who said and I quote;


“On this #DataPrivacyDay let us all insist on action and reform for vital privacy protections”.


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub

Credits #Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey

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