Are we on the point of a new nuclear arms race?

February 5, 2019

The United States have vowed to destroy all #Russian #missile systems in retaliation to Russia’s promise, to build new missile systems.


The world it would seem is once again, teetering towards the brink of #nuclear #proliferation a return to the dark days of the #coldwar is looking increasingly possible, after both Russia and America, pulled out of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty (INF)


The INF treaty put in-place in 1987, banned both Russia and the United States from using short- and medium-range missiles which threatened #European countries.


Although the Treaty banned both countries from constructing land-based #missile sites, it did not ban sea- or air-launched missiles and as the Russians have both these capabilities in place already, there is a fear that Russia will use this capability to create its new missile systems.


For their part, Russia are calling their move legitimate as they say the United States, are already creating their own ground-based missiles systems which will have the range capability of over 500km, a range which is clearly banned under the #INF treaty.


Only time will tell if nuclear control will #self-destruct, or if both Russia and the United States of America will use caution.


Steve Simmonds

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