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January 22, 2019

Years ago, in-order to design and build a #website we would have spent many hours, or days, typing in code on a blank template designer only to find when we had finished that it all looked like a jumbled mass of nondescript nonsense, a #website we would not have shared even with our closest friend, let alone the #worldwide #web.


Luckily today we have another option and that is to build a website the way. Ltd, founded in 2006, based in Tel Aviv, Israel uses a cloud-based web development platform, which allows its users (110 million users in 190 countries) to create #HTML5 #websites and mobile sites, through the use of online drag and drop tools, a godsend for us at Global Breaking news Hub as it allows us to get on with what we should be doing, reporting #international #news.


Just how far you can go with #Wix is up to you as they offer many stunning #template #designs, all tailored to meet any companies’ standards, completely ready-made, whilst still giving each and everyone of its 110 million users the tools to tailor their website to meet their own protocols using as mentioned above, the online #cloud-based drag and drop tools system.


Now that we have finished building our website, the time has arrived, where we can give our site even more pulling power simply by adding some of the many #free apps the #Wix platform provides, remembering no coding is required, just drag and drop the WiX Way, its as easy as that. Furthermore, it is worthwhile noting that on the off chance you do require any further assistance, their online help program is second to none and you can even chat with a human if you want that personal integration.


That’s it, all done our website looks #stunning and all we have left to do is to get it #hosted and #Indexed on #Google, so the world can see our creation, a task that used to be mind-numbing, but luckily for us today it is quite simple to do simply using the #Wix.Com, celebrated step by step hosting and SEO plan.


That’s it folk’s, happy website designing, the way.


Authors note: I have included two website links both of which were constructed using the platform. If you desire take a look.


Global Breaking News Hub

World Global Warming


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub

One of the110 million proud users

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