Depression and Cannabis

February 20, 2019


Now it is legal to smoke cannabis in Canada one has to ask just because the Canadian government has made pot legal how safe is it for our youngsters?


Experts would have us believe that using Cannabis while still, an adolescent can lead to depression in later life. Furthermore, the same scientists say that indications in clinical trials indicate that Cannabis if used in teenage years, can result in increased anxiety in later life leading in some cases to thoughts of suicide before the age of 37.



What can parents do? Number one, do not become complacent, cannabis can in some cases be more lethal than #alcohol. Further, proof can be gleaned from the University of #Oxford, and Montreal's McGill University who are both in agreement that cannabis use by our young has caused an "important public health issue", mainly because the cannabis of today is much stronger than it was back in the 1960s.



How widely is cannabis used by our young?  Taking both England and Wales in the United Kingdom as an indicator, researchers found that at least one in nine teenagers and adults use #Cannabis regularly and with a combined population of 58 million the numbers are staggering.


So what is the link between Cannabis and the developing brain? Experts are quite clear about this and say Cannabis has a direct effect on #serotonin levels a chemical which influences persons rational, #mood and #emotional state


In conclusion: Depression is one of the most disabling illnesses a person can undergo and tragically. However, we still treat a person who is suffering from this dreadful illness with all the stigmas we can conjure up so please do not become complacent get to know the symptoms which cannabis can give to one of our youngsters before it is too late remembering that both #depression and cannabis use are linked.


Steve Simmonds

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