Facebook and Narcissism

May 29, 2019

It would seem that without Narcissism, there would be no Facebook, and we would all revert to what we were PRE 2003 when Mr Zuckerberg, along with others, built a website called "Facemash." It would seem that the social media giant, now called “Facebook.” relies on a person’s level of Narcissism to succeed.


So what is Narcissism? Simply put if you are narcissistic and most of us display some form of it, you are continually attempting to gratify your vanity and egotistic tendencies in trying to improve your self-image and individual inclinations.


Sound like you, then you are just what Facebook is looking for.


Emotional health


Most of us of course would deny not having any narcissistic tendencies at all, but the fact remains that according to recent research, one out of three Facebook users become dissatisfied with their lives, after visiting Facebook, and the level of dissatisfaction is directly linked with the time you spend on the social network.


Envy, jealousy are two of the most frequent negative feelings experienced by the media giants members often caused by looking at someone's holiday snaps and vacations, even viewing a friends post about family happiness, well-being or physical beauty can and does lead to dissatisfaction within their own family circle, the list goes on.


Of most concern is the fact that age does have a drastic effect on a users mental health, young people, for example, display more narcissistic leanings, while young adults display more antisocial behaviour and aggressiveness.


Steve Simmonds


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Credits and Sources: Utah Valley University Professor Larry D. Ross, lead picture many thanks to Social Media and Mental Illness: Can ...draxe.com


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