Godfather of crystal meth executed

January 19, 2019

A former Chinese #Communist Party leader, nicked named the #godfather of crystal meth, has been #executed for smuggling #drugs and protecting criminals who were engaged in the distribution and production of #illegal drugs.


Cai Dongjia; was the head of the #Chinese village of #Boshe which is situated in the Jiaxi Lufeng, Shanwei, #Guangdong province of China, once dubbed the fortress as it once supplied #China with over a third of its #crystal #meth consumption. has been in existence from at least the 13th century and has been in the cross-hairs of Chinese elite #paramilitary #police for many years.

According to Chinese officials, over 20% of Cai Dongjia’s inhabitants, were either involved in the distribution or the #manufacture of #illicit #drugs before they mounted a massive police raid (code named “Operation Thunder”) which involved over 3,000 officers back in December 2013. As a result of the raid authorities #arrested “Cai Dongjia” and seized three tonnes of #crystal #meth with a street value of $266 million.


Job well done I would say.


Related article thanks to BBC.UK: The Ketamine Connection: A worrying drug trade made in China 


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking news Hub

Credits and Sources: Getty Images, The Telegraph UK for pictures & BBC.UK


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