Grenade found amid potatoes at crisp factory

February 3, 2019

A Bomb disposal team were rushed to a #Hongkong crisp factory (chip factory for our north American friends) after an #unexploded hand grenade was found hidden in a French shipment of potatoes.


The World War One unexploded hand grenade, was believed to be in a very unstable state as it had been primed before being dropped onto the muddy #battlefields of #France.


The grenade discovered early morning Saturday, at the #Calbee crisp-making factory situated in the eastern Sai Kung district, is just the latest of a string of unexploded devices found in the area, the grenade was defused using a "high-pressure water firing technique".


The discovery of the #grenade is just the latest’s in a string of unexploded devices found on construction sites, just last year thousands of #Hongkong residents were evacuated from a busy commercial area of the city, after a “severely damaged World #War Two bomb, was defused by highly trained operatives.



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Steve Simmonds


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