Haiti: Seven dead as Port-au-Prince streets erupt in flames

February 18, 2019

The acrid smell of burning tires hangs in the air of Port-au-Prince as you navigate around the many barricades set up by opposition protesters all set to hinder local police attempts to restore some form of calm in Haiti’s capital.  So far 7 people are said to have been killed in violence that even the battle-hardened #Haitian people have seen in many a year.


The Latest Video News from Haiti protests

The Haitian people have simply had enough and demonstrations against Céant and the countries President Jovenel Moise, will not end until he steps down, he is simply not trusted anymore and most see him as a corrupt despot lining his pockets with anything, he can steal from his downtrodden people, many of whom 60%, try to live on just $2.00 a day. This will be Prime Minister Jean-Henry Céant’s and the countries President legacy, and they both should be forced to wear this badge of shame for all to see for the rest of their living days.


What do the Haitian demonstrators want?


The demonstrators will end the protests if, and only if, their President, Jovenel Moise, steps down and is then held accountable for his clear involvement in financial irregularities, concerning misappropriated development funds, from an oil deal worth $2bn, a deal signed between Caribbean countries and Venezuela, the PetroCaribe deal. Furthermore, the protesters want an end to soaring inflation which is causing horrendous hardships for an already starving nation.


What was Prime Minister Jean-Henry Céant response to the protesters demands?


He has, this Sunday said that he will not step down and leave the country in the “hands of armed gangs and drug traffickers,” but will cut government expenses and remove some of the perk’s government cronies currently have, such as petrol, telephones expenses and trips abroad, just to mention a few. He has also vowed to investigate alleged irregularities involving the PetroCaribe funding deal worth an estimated $2bn (£1.55bn).


What was the demonstrator’s response?


Quite clearly they do not either trust or believe a word this man says, so I am afraid that Haiti, a nation which was devastated by a powerful earthquake in 2010 resulting in the deaths of at least 200,000 people, then quickly followed in 2016, by Hurricane Michael, which not only destroyed most of the countries' infrastructure but killed a further 3,000 people.


Authors note I am afraid the good people of Haiti have been brought to their knees and have realized that now, they must stand together, not for their corrupt leaders’ sake, but for their own.




Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub  World Global Warming


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