NASA runs apparent simulated Asteroid Impact

March 27, 2019




Asteroid 2017 PDC is on a course that almost certainly will impact the Earth on July 21, 2027, less than 9 years from now


Big headline you may say but don't be alarmed it is just an apparent simulation of a test called asteroid 2017 PDC


The simulation model presented at the 2017 Planetary Defense Conference, Tokyo, Japan, tells us that the worst areas affected will be China then both North and South Korea Japan, and into the Pacific


Loss of life will be horrific when the Asteroid slams into the planet triggering tsunamis atmospheric pollution the size of which has never been seen before.


Authors note: Lets just hope this is indeed an exercise and not the real thing.


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and Sources, NASA asteroid 2017 PDC



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